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Thanks to everyone here for the ideas! 


I wrote a much longer post, but for some reason it would not go through.  So let's try again...


I wanted to use my Masterbuilt XL today and was looking for some ideas.  I've never done meatloaf in there before, so I decided to give it a try...


Some ground beef, pork, onions, spices, roasted red-peppers, and a few duck eggs (we raise ducks) and poof!  Epic meatloaf.  Toss a nice bacon weave over it and away we went.


Smoked for about 4 hours with mesquite and plum wood.  Internal temp got up to over 170+.  Before I put it in, I used a disposable roaster pan as my water / drip pan.  It caught 100% of the grease so my smoker is still squeaky clean-ish.


Enjoy the pics!  Thanks again everyone.