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Bacon Wrapped Meatloaf - Masterbuilt XL

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So thanks to everyone here for the wonderful ideas!  I was in a rut and wanted to use my Masterbuilt XL today, but after I read some posts here about meatloaf I decided to give it a try! 


I picked up about 4 lbs of lean hamburger, 3 lbs of ground pork, tossed in a few chopped onions, some homegrown fire-roasted red peppers, 5 duck eggs (we raise ducks) and some breadcrumbs and spices, and POOF!  Epic meatloaf.    Toss on a bacon weave and introduced it to my smoker for about 4 hours.  I smoked it using mesquite and plum wood until the internal temp was about 170+.   


One thing I thought of beforehand was putting in a large disposable roaster pan for my water pan.  This was big enough to catch the drippings and LOTS of grease.  Plus for .99 cents I can toss in when I'm done.


Thanks again to everyone for the ideas!  Enjoy the pics! 


Before the smoke


It was almost too pretty to smoke!


As Martha would say "It's a good thing."




One ring to rule them all...

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Looks tasty.........nicely done..........439.gif

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Looks Yummy... drool.gif


I love a good meatloaf...

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Nice job...thats a good lookin meatloaf!!!


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  Those look awesome! Nice smoke!




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Nice looking meatloaf I am going to have to try that!!!

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Great looking 'loaf, it only gets better from here!

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Man that look awesome ... I'll give it a shot this weekend
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