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Meat Probe, MES 40

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So, I have a mechanical gauge and the MES probe in my Pork butt. 


MES Probe reads 189*

Mechanical Gauge reads *170


6.7lb butt has been in for 9 hours so far.  Which should I go by. 


FYI, I purchased a ET732

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Stick the Maverick in there and do best 2 out of 3.


Or, if the butt is bone in the bone starts to loosen up a bit around 190-195

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I don't have the Maverick yet. Forgot about the Bone that is in there. Guess i'll average the two
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If it's 170, in my opinion it isn't close to you should be able to tell.  I haven't looked around at what people say on this forum about when to pull off butts, so I may get blasted for this but...


I feel like the worst thing you can do to a boston butt is to pull it too soon.  Due to the fat layer on top (hopefully on top), they can take a bit of overcooking.  If the bone doesn't yield at all, it's not done.  If it yields some, then you can wrap it in aluminum foil and put it in a cooler for 1-4 hours.  I've found that helps the end product if your going to do pulled pork.


This is all opinion, but isn't all bbq...

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I foiled it for the last hour, took 12 to finish.  Bone pulled easy, pork was juicey.  I cooked until 207* on the MES probe, about 190* on the mechanical thermo.  Turned out great, won't have to worry about this too much longer.  Maverick is on the way.

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Congratulations on the smoke!


Sounds like you did it just right.  I understand about the temperature angst, though.  I've been through that with my MES.  I'm still trying to figure out if it's the probe or if it's me.


I'm wondering how long it's going to be before Maverick or somebody comes out with a unit that works with a smartphone app and calls you to tell you when the temp is dropping and when it reaches your preset temp.bluesbros.gif

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Here you go, this seems pretty cool sends temp info to your Phone!...JJ

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