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Wild turkey thighs and legs

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Bagged a nice tom yesterday!  Will be smokin up the thighs and legs.  Thought I'd put them in Pop's Brine overnight, wrap them in bacon and put them in the smoker.  Hope they turn out!

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Sounds like they will be a big hit!!  Look forward to seeing them finsihed!!!

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I'm sure they will.

Aint nothin better than a wild turkey.


Slice that breast and coat it like a chicken fried steak.  Fry er up.  Man Wild turkey....gooood

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Welcome! Nice job on the bird! Our season opens on Monday :)

Smoking thighs and legs? Man I've never known anyone that can cook wild turkey thighs/legs successfully without them being tough as leather.
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Congrats on the turkey kill....Enjoy that bird...Most people don't  have the luxury of eating wild turkey...first.gif




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I'll bet they will turn out GREAT

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Hello and welcome1.gifto SMF - bet that is some great turkey 
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