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Easter Brisket and Ribs

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I decided to make a brisket and ribs for Easter this year. I have smoked a few briskets before but this is the first one in a pan.



First I trimmed and put on mustard and rub.



Then wrapped and let it sit in the fridge overnight.



Here are the 3 racks I St. Louis cut and and also into the fridge.



Then at 3am the brisket is put in a pan fat side down and into the Smoke Vault At 225.



Then at 10am the ribs are on. I have been spraying the brisket with apple juice from time to time and will do the same to the ribs.



The brisket is pulled at 165 and wrapped with with foil and put back in the smoker.



I pulled brisket at 187 and into ice chest covered with towels for about 2 hours.



separated the point from the flat.



Then sliced



 I removed the ribs from smoker after 5hrs and also sat in the cooler for about an hour. Here is one with a clean to the bone bite out of it.



And my plate.



The brisket took about 13.5 hrs. I probably reduced my smoke time by removing from the fridge at 10pm and let it sit on the counter till it went in the smoker. I liked using the pan it really helped keep the mess down in the smoker. Thanks for checking out my smoke.

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Awesome!!!! Great job!

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Looks yummy... drool.gif

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you made me hungry

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Great job!

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