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Advice on using wood

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I have searched the forum and havent found my question totally answered, so here it goes.


I have decided to replace my cheap Char Griller sidebox which ive used lump in for the last 3 years. So since my wife is a welder and works in a shop where i can get metal at scrap rate i drew up some plans and let her loose.


went from this: Picture008.jpg


to this:528063_10150764967136101_588206100_11669750_1684516981_n.jpg


Of course its not complete yet but its home where i can finish it..Kind of cool what my wife did here for me with the help of another co-worker.cook chamber is 24"X40" I used  the pit calculator for all of my dimensions so i hope it works..


My Fire box id 1/4" so i was thinking about wood, but i have  only a very basic idea how to do it..I tried wood in the old smoker, but every time i added some wood i got to much smoke until it burned down..Is there a good tutorial on burning wood somewhere that i am just not finding? or would any of you like to write something out for me?


Thanks Jason


oh yeah in this pic i have exactly $62.49 into it, i have since made grates, handles ETC. so im up to $120 still about $35 less than i paid for my CharGriller..

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Jason , look in our Wiki section ( at the top of the page ) and under instructionals you will see "Stick burning 101"


Read that and if you still have questions , PM me , i'll be glad to help you...


Stan     aka      oldschool


have fun and...

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Hey Thanks a lot..i admit i am an idiot i looked in the Wiki section but never saw the different tabs at the top.............. That was what i was looking for, my only question is warming the wood. Whats this do? is that why mine would smoke so heavy every time i added a log? I also have a basket up off the bottom of the fire box, can i still use that,or do you just fire right on the box bottom itself?




Thanks tons..





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Iron, morning....  Folks usually preheat the wood splits before adding to the fire....   Preheat on top of the fire box or put them inside the cook chamber....  Adding the wood to the basket is a good idea... it provides air circulation from all sides and allows the ash to fall thru the grate not reducing air flow.....  cold/damp wood does not help the smoking situation....  Dave


PS... nice smoker....  If you followed the calculator, it should do an excellent job of cooking....   take pics of its operation and all the components of the build.... everyone loves to see how stuff was done.... great learning experience for everyone here.....    If all else fails, blame it on your wife...  wife.gif..... head-wall.gif..... biggrin.gif......

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Looks-Great.gifwant to sel it?

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I imagine you are very proud of your wife's skills.  She did an great job!  Look forward to seeing your cooking from it.

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Cool. A wife that welds. That is awesome.

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Ha Ha Yeah I am proud She Tig welds mostly.. Is it for sale? well prolly not this one, but we were tossing the idea of building one or 2 to see if they would sell.. I am a Wood crafter, she is the Iron worker.. i did get to play wit the welder here at home on this though. I will start a thread in the smoker build section for all to see.


Thanks for the input.

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Wow, what a wife!
Does she have a twin sister:biggrin:
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Iron , read this :


might help...

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