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Unhappy With Beef Ribs, Need HELP

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First Attempt I did the 6-0-0 Method (I got so excited I forgot to wrap it in foilth_crybaby2.gif)


My 2nd attempt at Beef Ribs

Cooking in a BGE, Internal Temp of 225 for 6 Hours, Maverick Therm, 3-2-1 Method

Both times the ribs were OK, however not fall off the bone awesome.


Question is, I did not put any liquid into the foil during the second phase, was that a mistake?

Should I be increasing the Temp a bit or cooking Longer
I know the 3-2-1 Method is a General starting point, however is it common to cook over 7 Hours


Thank you


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I have always done a 3-2-1 on my beef ribs and so far they have all turned out wonderful. I do add a little bit of liquid into the foil but not a huge amount.

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Same here - I just do the 3-2-1 and add some beer or Capt. Morgan when foiling, then add some sauce as it is on its last hour, and they come out really good.

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I have an old washing machine drum with a grate that fits over the top and when used with an adjustable tripod grill and just oak wood I was able to raise the ribs over the fire so high that it rendered the fat out of them. It wasnt smoked except for the dripping effect over the flames and when combined with sweet baby rays(My favorite) they came out wonerful and tender.

Did it for one of my dogs last meals when I was spoiling him, he didnt complain. LOL
Seasoned with only some bucks seasoning which is a wonderful all around store bought seasoning made in a small place where I grew up

Put the ribs in a hotel pan with water and a drip and coverd them in foil baked at 250 for an hour or so than cooked them over the fire slowly for about two hours.
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