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Beautifully smoked 3-bone Prime Rib with Q-View

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Had a fantastic time smoking a melt-in-your- mouth Prime Rib last weekend. Here's what I did:


Purchased a 3-bone Prime Rib from a local butcher. Came out to around 5 pounds.


Marinated it overnight with Adolph's meat marinade and worcherstershire.


In the morning, I just dried off the marinade (no rinse) and rubbed it with a healthy dose of ground black pepper, onion powder and garlic powder (no salt so it wont pull out the juices).




Slapped that puppy on the smoker at 260 degrees and added boiling beef broth with bay leaves and a few allspice "corns" in the water pan





I then smoked it until I reached an internal temperature of 120 degrees (about 2 1/2 hours or so). I then pulled it off and loosely wrapped it in tin foil to relax.




While sitting, the internal temp continued to raise and I cut into it at around 125 degrees or so.


This meat absoultely melts in your mouth! and was soooo flavorful! A little horseradish and some au jus and we had ourselves a wonderful evening.






Give it a shot and just monitor the internal temperature.....You can't go wrong!


Semper Fi,



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looks good from here!

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Looks great. You can't beat  a smoked prime rib. I'll take mine a little bit more done but that's easy enough to fix. Great job.

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Semper Fi back at you.........looks great.

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Looks great!
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Absolutely fantastic Bob. I'm so close, why didn't you call me! I could at least stood down wind. That really looks great.



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Beautiful! I can't wait to try one.



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Great job!!  I did my first prime rib not too long ago but I brought the temp higher.  Next time I will go with your advice!!  Looks fantastic!!

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Looks like a great smoke man - congrats 

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i will have to try this one .  great job

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Absolutely Wonderful !  You can't beat a good PRib !

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I love prime rib as well... Yours looks exceptional.

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Man!  I can smell it but I can't quite taste it!


Beautiful job!!!

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OMG thats a thing of beauty! Great job!

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that has to be the best prime rib I have ever seen. man i wish I had a slice of that

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Looks like to die for, I hope that horseradish is home made!  If not, try to grind your own some time.  Peel, Quisinart to desired consistency, add white vinegar, tablespoon of sugar, and a squeeze of lemon juice to keep the color.  That fresh stuff will kick your ass with prime rib like yours.  Did you use any wood to smoke the prime rib?  If so, what kind?

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Man, I can hear that thing mooing!!! Looks great....Any leftovers?

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Now that looks amazing.  Nice work.  I need to make one of these SOON!

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I looked at he pictures a second time and,,,well...I think thats what I want to cook this weekend,,. last one I did was great,. I will use your method this time. Yours looks very very nice., good cut of meat too I might add. Like the presentation too.


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Nothing like good beef.

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