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Need wood!!!!

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hey everyone

i just started smoking the past few months but having a hard time finding wood i found one place in the San Fernando Valley but i think his prices are kinda high and he only has Hickery and anything on line is crazy shipping charges please help lol

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do you have any orchards there? I know alot of them will let you have their trimmings.
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ya there are alot but its all orange and lemon avadcado

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dc, morning..... I would try a varitey of wood available from the orchards....  ask the orchardist if he/she knows of other orchards and where they are located....  Peach, lemon, orange etc., would be great woods to try and the price would be good....  You can always add chunks to the fire available at big box stores for a different flavor.... 

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orange, lemon and avacado are great smoking woods. I haven't tried them myself but a bunch of folks on here have. A lot of the Florida folks have used citrus woods with good results.

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ok awesome i have not seen anybody saying stuff about orange or lemon wood, but there is a huge stack of wood from the lemon orchard on my way home ill pick some up one the way home. Also what is the best way to dry it out fast. It looks like its freshly cut down trees?

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Any fruit wood is good for smoking. I use a lot of orange.

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Its a bit of a drive for you but I buy all my wood from the wood shed in orange county (Anaheim):


This place is seriously awesome, aside from the fact they are the only place near by (hour and a half round trip for me) that even carries such a wide selection of hard woods for smoking their customer service is top notch and prices are very reasonable all things considered. They will even cut to order I showed up one day to buy a few bags and they were out of two of the ones I wanted... NO PROBLEM! they took me to the back let me pick how much I needed and cut it right in front of me to order. The owner mike is an avid que'r himself so he knows what we need and will gladly talk q anytime you stop by.

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