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beer Randall

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Anyone every had a beer passed through a Randall?  Pretty cool stuff.  A local brewery has beer tastings and the other day they had the Randall filled with hops and peppercorns.  They were serving their Belgian Blonde single through this thing.  I am going to have to make one for my future kegerator.  I also had a Mocha stout passed through coffee beans and chocolate. 


Dogfish head is where this thing originated but alot of people are making them from scratch.



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We built one for our Homebrew Club bar we use at festivals. They are awesome if you like hop character.


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Love the Randall!


Last year at NHC on club night, My brewing parter and I had brewed an Oatmeal stout and poured it through a Randall stuffed with loosely crushed coffee beans and cacao nibs. I thought it came out really nice, We killed the entire keg in a little over an hour.  Lots of folks kept coming back for more.


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I will make one of these.. oh yes, I will.

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Looks cool I will have to keep a eye out for one.
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We built ours out of a water filter. My friends dad made the stainless tube that runs down the middle. It sucks the beer from the bottom. It enters on top.

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