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Well, here goes my first all nighter... Done now w/ Q-view.

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This is my 2nd smoke in my newly built UDS. On the menu a 7.26 lb pork picnic ready for some loving.



After the rubdown and out of the fridge about go on the smoker. Doesn't Jeffs rub look good on there, um yes.photobucket-4347-1333939075186.jpg


Here we go, meat goes on at 10:45pm. Hoping to be able to have a pulled pork sandwich for lunch tomorrow.



Looks like I will be adding a side table so that my lid doesn't have to be it. I am learning this UDS as I go and noticing some more mods that need to happen, soon.




More updates to come, wish me luck.

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Well, 3 hours in and the temps are holding strong. I am fluctuating between 245-250.




The meat went on around 65* and after 3 hours we are around 155*. Hoping to get a big stall so this thing doesn't finish too soon. I am not going to foil because bark is awesome and I love it. I will spritz in a couple hours with some beer/rub/butter because that is all I have and it will be wonderful. More to come soon.



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Everything looking great so far!

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All done and what I would consider a success. My temps locked in early and held strong. I only made a slight adjustment to put it in the 230's after about 3.5-4 hours since it was going over night. I set the alarm on the thermo and never heard a peep, it was nap time. I hit 200* right around 6:00am. I pulled it off and into a small cooler to rest. I left the smoker alone after putting the lid back on and went to bed. Fast forward to 10:00am. I woke up and pulled the pork apart, delicious. The bone came out clean and everything fell apart pretty much. I am having a few friends over for lunch today to help me work on my motorcycle. Work in the garage = free lunch, must be nice to have friends like me lol. How about some Q-view???





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Also forgot to mention, when I woke back up...the temps were down a little at 215*. I opened the ball valve a smidge and we are back at good temps in no time. I used a full basket of coals, I am going to let it run until it dies. I am curious to see how long it will take. I have to work at 8am tomorrow so hopefully not that long.

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great looking pork.. looks tasty

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Great looking PP! Nice job.

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