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BBQ for 35 Friends

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It was a great day to kick off the BBQ season.  We were celebrating a young couples' recent engagement.  What better way than to do it with BBQ.  Here are few pics of the day.4 Boston butts from Sam's. These were probably the best ones I ever got there.IMG_2663.JPG


4 Boston butts from Sam's Club.  These are probably the best ones I ever got there.





Today's schedule.




6 slabs of St. Louis ribs and riblets.





About 2.5 hours into the cook.





Ribs and riblets coming along nicely.





160* and ready to be panned.





Finished butts.





Amid the carnage!  In the farthest pan we have the pulled pork.  In the middle is what is left of 4 whole chickens, and in the closest pan we have what is left of the ribs and riblets  They hit the ribs so hard and fast I barely got this photo.  Sorry I did not have time to get better ones of the chicken and ribs.  Sometimes we just have to live life and enjoy it without having to look at it through a camera lens. 

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Looks like a fun day was had by all, Great work making all those people happy!

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What a great day you had - awesome job 

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Well done.  I love putting a smile on people's faces thru BBQ.  Looks like you were successful doing that as well.

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Thank you for all of the compliments!

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