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WO WOW and WOW...VErrrryyy Nice job,.make me hungry..

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Originally Posted by cdldriver View Post

What temp did u pull it at?

Yeah!  Since you gave us such great Qview, now we need to know what temps you used and how much time.



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I smoked it at 225 to an internal temp of 130 then foiled, toweled and put in a cooler it for an hour. It was a four pound rib roast and took a little less that 4 hours. I can't afford prime rib very often but I did do a bottom round a few weeks ago without the Au Jus. I am going to do another bottom round soon just for the Chef JJ's Au Jus and the mushrooms. Some bread sopped in Chef JJ's Au Jus and the mushrooms cooked in the Au Jus is just as good as the roast! Thanks for looking everyone.

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