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Saturday Night Dinner

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I cut a 7 bone rib roast into 7 one bone steaks. 6 are in the freezer... # 7 had a date with the Egg and my dinner plate tonight.


We started with a 5 pound brisket flat for tomorrow...




Then on to dinner...

This was flipping huge...





Put it next to the (now wrapped) brisket to give an idea how big this is. Gave it a little dusting of Simply Marvelous Cherry.




Went indirect @ about 230* for about an hour..

Pulled to let it rest and get the the plate setter out of the way...




Tossed it back on the now 500* Egg..




A couple of minutes on each side...




I shared with Big Al....








Thanks for looking!

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Good lord I just got done eating and I'm hungry just from looking at that!drool.gif

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I'm at a total loss for words drool.gif

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Man I would love to taste that - Big Al is a lucky man

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Thanks guys. It wasn't hard to choke down....

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Fantabulous! I've had dreams that look just like that!

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Nice looking steaks! I could taste the pictures. Looks like some real prime meat there.

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