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My favorite !!! Summer Sausage -

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Just took my bacon out of the smoker and in goes the summer sausage -  Used 4 lbs beef roast 2 lbs venison 2 lbs pork. Jalapeno & Cheese added to Hi Mt seasoning mix along with some cracked red pepper. I will post pics of the final product tomorrow.S__4021.jpgS__A020.jpgS__6021.jpg

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i want to try making summer sausage next. i like hickory farms flavor, but have had others that were not so good. what is the hi mtn seasoning comperable to?

im also thinking about trying some other "made from scratch recipes, but hate to mess up 10lbs of meat. any sugestions?

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I love SS - those look good 

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SS is my favorite too!  Well, in about 4 months my prosciutto will be done so my SS may have some competition..

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Like ss, yummy
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