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Big Score Today

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Went out today and hit up some garage sales. We landed two Tilia Foodsavers for just under $30.



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Wow, for that price, are you sure it works. lol

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Originally Posted by kryinggame View Post

Wow, for that price, are you sure it works. lol


Not yet, but I will find out soon. They both assured me they worked fine. I am either lucky or a sucker and we all will know soon. biggrin.gif

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I've been looking to buy one but dang, I can't find a reasonable price. Cause in addition to the product, I would have to buy a larger freezer for all the stuff that I smoked. lol

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Looks like some great finds

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In working order?


You hit a great find!  With a spare even?


Good luck and good smoking.

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Great score Joel - can't find those out here 

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