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Pork Hock smoke?

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I was in the freezer this morning retrieving a ham and some beef short ribs for this weekends Easter festivities. I came across a pork hock that I recieved that is raw/not cured. I did a search and the only threads that came up was for cured hock smokes. I was hoping to smoke this on Saturday (tomorrow) or Sunday (Easter). Can I hot smoke with some rub to an internal of 160* then toss in the fridge for a crock pot pea soup later this week?

Would I have enough time to dry cure with TQ for 36hrs? The Hock is very small.......


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CJ, morning.... I'm a little late to the party here.....  I would smoke it hot with no cure and throw it in beans.....  Hocks add a lot of flavor and the smoke would do a bean good.....  Dave

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I hot smoked a half dozen a few months ago and threw them in beans. Yummy!

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