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First Prime Rib

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They had prime rib on sale and I bought my first one to try on the smoker tomorrow. A five pounder. I have got a pretty good idea on how to cook the prime rib since I have done a roast before and it turned out very well. I also picked up the makin's for Chef JJ's au jus and had a few questions about the au jus. What's the best way to thicken the au jus if I wanted to do that? I was thinking that some mushrooms would be good cooked in the au jus. Has any one tried that? Is it better to smoke the meat on a rack over the au jus pan or could I lay the roast, rib side down, in the pan with the au jus.

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You can always thicken a sauce with corn starch or better yet just reduce it to the consistency you want. Smoke the meat on the rack above the au jus pan - mushrooms are always good 



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Au Jus isn't typically thickened, beyond a small bit of reducing.

You, of course, can prepare any way you like.

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"au jus" means in its own juice. You can't have anything else in it or its not what it is. No matter how YOU slice it, it is gravy.

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As Gary said Corn Starch or Reduction or you can make Gravy by combining 1Tbs Flour and 1Tbs Butter for each cup of  Jus you have, plus 1tbs each in a seperate pan. Stir this Roux over med heat until it turns Blonde. Whisk one tablespoon of roux at a time into the strained, boiling Jus until desired thickness. Simmer 5 minutes to cook out the starch and serve with the Beef...JJ

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