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First Pulled Pork w/ Qview

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Oh my oh my. Sin in a 5 1/2 lb butt. Simply amazing!


In the smoker:





Out of the cooler and ready to be pulled:





Tore into it and it just fell to pieces:





Added some pan juices:





I made a challah loaf in the breadmaker today just for this occasion:





Plated up with cooked red cabbage and some extra pork on the side with my homemade BBQ sauce:





Yes, it was a bit surreal. I'd had pulled pork once many years ago and it was grainy, tough, and just plain nasty. This was just beautiful.


The butt was just shy of 5 1/2 lbs. I gave it a rub daown last night and then put it in the smoker at 8:30 am. It hit 200F at around 4:45pm and I took it out, foiled it, and left it in the cooler wrapped in a towel for about an hour while I prepared the cabbage and sauce. The bread was made earlier and kept warm in the breadmaker until serving. I basted with apple juice (til I ran out) and orangeade (the only thing I had on hand).


This was a huge hit. My grandmother wouldn't let my mother take her plate away! She wanted every last scrap and dripping, lol.


Thanks for looking!


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Looks great, well done.   Good pulled pork is well good!!!

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Looks great!


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Looks Awesome!! drool.gif

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Good looking PP icon14.gif
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Congrats on turning out a great meal. Now the hook is in thumb1.gif

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Looks Incredible !!! Great Job beercheer.gif

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Looks great!

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