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Cooking pork with my new build

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Well I found a drum and couldn't wait to start my build!






I bought a brand new drum , so basically I just to my weed burner and started to burn the paint of the outside.





Then I took my drill with a wire wheel attachment and scuffed up the whole surface ,removing the rest of the paint and getting ready for the new paint.


I then measured from the bottom 2"(3 holes equidistant) and drilled a 1" inch hole for 3/4" ball valve and vents.







Then I flipped the barrel over and drilled four 1/4" holes equidistant to hold the 23 "Weber cooking grate in place.


Almost everybody says you should use a step bit for this. Well they would be a little easier,but they aren't cheap.


I used a 1" hole saw and it worked just fine. You just have to let the drill do the work.


I drilled another 3/8" hole about a 1`/2" below where the grate would go for thermometer, and then put two coats of high heat enamel on it and I was ready to put it together.





I couldn't find any rolled expanded steel, so I bought 3 12" x 24" sheets of expanded for my charcoal basket.I bent it around a propane tank to form its shape to fit it inside a 17" Weber replacement grill.I just bolted it together and used 4 -2 1/2" bolts for legs to keep it up off the bottom of the barrel for airflow.





Here is the charcoal basket inside the drum.





Now she is ready to be seasoned . I sprayed the inside with Pam and gave her a six hour burn.






After I seasoned it I couldn't wait to try it out.




meanwhile I had put "Robs Raging Rob" on some baby backs and had to try them out.




Trying out my first run with the new UDS.





After some help maintaining the heat from my smoker buddy Jalan43, here is the finish product.






They were amazing!


If this Frenchman can build a UDS anyone can. I can't wait to smoke again. Thanks for all the tips guys.





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Weclcome to SMF...welcome1.gif................Looks like you now have a nice UDS to smoke in..ribs look awesome................Good job on the build too.....grilling_smilie.gif

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Looks like a great build and a very successful first smoke. Congrats 


Just an  FYI - I moved this from Roll Call over to UDS builds so you get more exposure 

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Great looking build and first smoke on it!!

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Great job on your UDS !
Just finish mine last weekend.
Can't wait to start on next one yahoo.gif
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Thanks everyone for the great comments! Thanks scar i need all the help i can get here.well back to work, i have to be able to support this smoking habit.
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Jrod that is looking mighty fine! Nice build!
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Nice build and great looking ribs! Congrats!

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welcome1.gif Nice build. Not as ugly as the name implies. Nice looking ribs too. You'll be smokin' like a pro in no time.

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Thanks aleover.Ive cooked ribs a thousand times indirectly with a smoker box.Although they were good they werent any where near as good as these.
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