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Eggs - looks like fun!

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Think I will make these this weekend...





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What a great idea! My kids are going to love them!

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Looking great Elliemae - those will be a lot of fun  

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Ha ha cool!

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That cool.
Wife said she going to make them .
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Those are so cute and a great idea!

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That is cool.are the eyes chocolate ?


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neat got recipe???

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I believe the eyes are bits of black olives, although I saw something similar with sliced green olives?

As far as a recipe... Just use your favorite Deviled Egg recpie.
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Ellymae, I'm gonna 'Trump' you one and Smoke my eggs  ,  then Devil them   devil.gif . I love the little characters you made , the eyes of Black Olives is neat , Pimentos would be good eyes too...


Thanks for the idea , Stan      aka      oldschool ;}-

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Pretty cool! I've never tried smoking deviled eggs yet, sounds fantastic! Anyone following this thread have some advice for smoking Dev Eggs?

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Yep , thoseguys. I take raw eggs and place them in an area that is appox. 250*f or so and let them set for 2-3hrs. The smoke penetrates the porous Egg shell and gives a subtle smoke flavor - not overwhelming as would be if they were peeled - they will have a nice little color about them and taste awsome.


Made into Salad , in Egg containing dishes and as a snack , they are great...


Thanks Ellymae for reminding me of the Egg thingy...........biggrin.gif


Have fun and...

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The recipe is about 1/3 down the page or so ... I seen this on Pinterest ... Very cute .. olives eyes and carrot beak

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If you were to make these out of Amish Mustard eggs, they would be yellow.




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Here's another twist - https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10150717253914267&set=a.10150519516984267.393308.46398644266&type=1&ref=nf


Go oldschool - looking forward to seeing your smoked eggs. I'm going old school and just hard boiling mine.. biggrin.gif


It will be fun to try to figure out how to get the yolks out without wrecking the white...

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Thanks for the recipes. I'm pretty fired up to try these. I love Dv eggs and can't imagine how good they'll be smoked.


@oldschoolbbq - you cook yours in your smoker? Cool. Is it hard or easier to peel them that way? Do you drop them in ice water after they're done smoking? 


I was going to stick to pastrami & elk jerky this weekend but now I may have to smoke some eggs!

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laugh1.gifLooks-Great.gif....Looks like Easter dinner !!!!!!!

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Nice!  I'll try these tomorrow.

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Once my wife saw this we had to make them for Easter dinner.....560399_2936560901479_1484811491_32133228_1801045436_n.jpg Afterwards I was thinking that if we would have colored the eggs first so the once they were pealed they would have been funnier..... But everyone seemed like they enjoyed them....

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What I did was use black peppercorns for the eyes.  They were a hit with everyone.

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