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Peeking In My Cure Fridge

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Here is a peek for y'all


The spanish chorizo (on dowel) should be done and ready to take to FL. Salami, Lonzion, Sopressata prob will not be done. The small dark ring in front is peperone.



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i am waiting to taste some mmmmaasausage.gif

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Looks great! Nepas. Look like you got it lined out and running right. sausage.gifsausage.gifsausage.gif
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I want some. Looks great Rick.

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Wow those are looking good.
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Looks delicious!

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There's something wrong with the sausage your bringing to the NFLG.... Whats everybody else going to eat.............drool.gif



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Man I bet the smell coming out of there is heavenly 

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