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Ribs & Fattie w/QView

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OK...first time ribs today and while I was at it a breakfast fattie too. Fattie: sausage, scrambled eggs, mushrooms, cheddar cheese and bacon weave.

Ribs: Slathered with mustard then hit with Jeff's rub.

Hickory for the smoke.

Both Came out really GREAT!!!!!  Here are a few pictures.....thanks for lookin!!!!


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Looks great! drool.gif
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Looks like it was a great day at your house 

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That is multi tasking at it's best.  Breakfast and Lunch with one smoke!

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Those both look awesome! The rub on the bacon made it. Keep up the good smokin!




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O Boy O Boy it looks amazing great job

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Thanks Guys......I learned it all from SMF !!!!  The ribs were very good....but gotta tell ya,  that Fattie was AWESOME!!!!!!


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Breakfast fatties are the best !!!!!!
great job on the bacon weave .
It all looks great !!
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Thanks Ed, Bacon weave was learned from Cowgirl's blog....Thanks Cowgirl!!!


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Beautiful work.  That weave on the fatty made it extra pretty.


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The Ribs looked great but that fattie well perfect!!  Well done

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