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On the way back we took the time to stop at Woody's Smokehouse I 45 Exit 164 north:



Camera died but I did get a card:




They advertise "Best Jerky in the World!" and, after sampling it, I will admit it was good!  Check out their website above.


We ate there, had ribs, chicken, sausages, and brisket and they were all good.  The ribs were full cut including the briskets and were very tasty and a great smoke ring and good tug but tender.  Sausage was a smoked german pork sausage that was very tasty, and mom got a jar of watermelon rind pickles too... used to make those a long time ago... love 'em!

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Welcome back...You get no appreciation for the Size of the Ship until you see it with the tiny people for perspective...JJ

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What were the flavorings in the Sausage?...JJ

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welcome back! glad you had a good

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Welcome back and a most Happy Anniversary to you and the Mrs!! Sounds like an amazing thing your family did for you. You truly are blessed. I'm glad the voyage was a success. I was a little concerned,  this being the maiden voyage of the newest, most advanced ship of it's kind etc..., leaving port roughly 100 years (give or take a week or 2)  after the maiden voyage of another ship billed as the newest and most advanced ship of it's kind. The first one didn't go quite as well as your voyage :)

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