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pork ribs

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Do you have yo trim the pork ribs before you smoke them just asking that is alot of meat

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Most of us will remove the silver skin and then cut through the cartilage along the bottom   I believe that is called the chime bone but I am not sure.  Others will trim even more but that's about all I do.  Everything gets rubbed and smoked.  It's all good eating, just what kind of presentation you want to make and you can make sure the boss gets the nicer cut>

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I would have to agree just the membrane on the bone side.  Peel it off and season the rest up.  The nice thing about smoking is all the fat melts away and baste the meat in juice during cooking making for a moist smokey meat. All the ribs I have done I've never trimmed any of them and they got rave reviews from all that tried them.  Good luck!!!

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