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Pork Loin,How Long?

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I have mes 30 and want to do a 5lb. pork loin. If I have the temp. at 250, about how long would it take to get to 150 degrees inside temp.  Also should I put water or other liquid in the water pan?  I will be using Jeffs rub on it also.  Thanks.

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Around 4-5 hours. But your mileage may vary. Go by temp not by time.

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Stick a temp gauge in your loin. Once it hits 150! your done

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It all depends on how thick it is. As was mentioned the only true way to know it's done is to make sure you go by internal temp.

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At 250*F, I thinking 30-40 minutes a Pound to 145-150*F...Don't forget to rest it 30 minutes. You can put some Celery, Carrots and Onion in a drip pan under the pork with 4Cups of Chix Broth a Bay leaf and a pinch of Thyme. Make some Au Jus or Gravy while the Meat rests...JJ

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