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Hot Dill Pickles (pepper question)

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My mom use to make hot german dill pickles using    "chili topinos"   has anyone heard of these peppers and where I could buy them, she said they were about size of a pea or smaller and she would put 15 - 18 of them in her recipe. Thanks in advance just trying to get ready for the canning season.




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Chiltepinos or Chiltepins or just Tepins.
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That link didn't work for me.


I found them on Amazon as seeds, dried & plants. I ordered 4 plants so I can't wait to try them out. I make hot mustard pickles each year and these peppers will be used this time! Thanks, I'd love to see your recipe if you don't care to share!


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There''s still time to grow some (I do) if you hurry!
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thanks i will try to post recipe tomarrow thanks agian

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