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uncooked ham

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what would be the process for smoking an uncooked ham?

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I've never done one but I'm thinking it might need to be cured first. I'm sure someone (Pops) will be by shortly with an answer!

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What type of uncooked ham are you looking to make?

Country Ham?
City Ham?
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an uncooked /uncured ham is just a pork roast. If you want to cure a ham ,please make sure and get w/ someone who has successfully done it and get the particulars.


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If it is a Fresh (Uncured) Ham it can be hot smoked, 225*F, to 150-155*F like a Roast and Sliced or go to 205*F, with a long rest, and Pull it...

If you wish to Cure it into a Cured/Smoked Ham like many will eat for Easter...Here is a proven recipe from Pops...JJ



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