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My new rig!

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Here are a few pictures of my new smoker.  She'll be a stick burning fool.  She still has aways to go but should be finished soon!

Here she is before getting her wheels put on!

photo 16.JPG

Here are her wheels!

photo 15.JPG

photo 14.JPG



This is the front view. 

photo 12.JPG


Here is the side where I'll add to storage sections, one for dry goods, and the other for my wood!

photo 13.JPG


The almost finished project!


photo 21.JPG



I'll try to get some more pictures soon.  She will have a deflector shield coming from the fire box, directly connecting to the first od several tuning plates.  Still have to make the grates, and do some more minor touches, but should be finished soon!  This summer she'll get a sandblasting, and several coats of good high temp paint!

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Lookin good. Have you taken for a ride yet?

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That is going to be a beauty for sure

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Here are some updated pictures.

We pulled the original firebox and went with something thicker.  Here you can see the air intakes, same design on all three sides.  Just need to add handles

photo 22.JPG

Here is the door and our heavy duty hinges, again gotta add handles and latches.

photo 23.JPG

Here you can see the rails where the grates will slide on, and where that hammer is, were adding doors to keep dry goods in that area.

photo 24.JPG

Here you can see below the rack rails where the support for the tunning plates are.  That piece of angle iron is there for no reason and will be removed.

photo 25.JPG

Here are the two storage areas.  The far side is diamond plated and will have a lid to keep things dry in it.

The closer section will have expanded metal for the sides, and will hold my wood for cooking!

photo 27.JPG

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Nice build.I'm in the process of doing one simular to it.

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