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You hit that out of the park,great workyahoo.gif. The sauce under was the one bit that was out of my own head so thank you very much for your kind words. It does make a great pasta sauce the next day.

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Nice work with the wine.Dont know that maker,dont drink Californian wine down here.Dont think I  have even seen it sold here. You did get a lovely colour on that leg,you do like it rare!

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Originally Posted by Moikel View Post

Nice work with the wine.Dont know that maker,dont drink Californian wine down here.Dont think I  have even seen it sold here. You did get a lovely colour on that leg,you do like it rare!

Used hickory chunks on mesquite charcoal. Two legs done 4 hours, 3@ 190f, 1@ 235f, pulled out to rest at internal of 130f and it rose to 138.  Winery is a small cult place in St. Helena, Napa. Not found often in stores. Yes, we like it rare. We had the leftover sauce on pasta. YUM. This recipe goes in the book. BTW, I had some garlic scapes fresh from the garden which we chopped and put in the stuffing. Very nice result.


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holy crap this turned out awesome... I can almost smell it through my screen. Nice job that would make a hell of a last meal.

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Another awesome post!


Good luck and good smoking.

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Mick , that lamb looks awesome i am from New Zealand and we know our lamb . let me know how it turns out i wanna smoke some lamb this weekend !!

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I am pretty proud of how it turned out. I tweaked the recipe a bit,but you can see in the thread where I went with it. Smokingrick nailed it following my lead.I have an MES 30  so my instructions are for that . He has an off set I think? You kiwi's do have some lovely produce right across the board.A close mate is the GM of Mercure Queenstown so I spend a bit of time there.

Restaurant scene in Queenstown pretty competitive. NZ seafood arrives at our market every friday, love that turbot,hapuka & those tua tua clams.

Did I  see somewhere that you were in restaurants? It is a lovely meal & a different way to do it for a change.

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As he said, Moikel made the lead, I followed. Here are some of my adaptations. I doubled the recipe and used two 5 lb. legs that were pre trimmed with shank end removed since I was feeding a gang (and like leftovers). The shank bones were included in a side package at the store. The legs were boned and butterflied as he said. Bones were boiled with water parsley and white wine to give a rough quart and a half of stock. Cooled in fridge overnight and fat skimmed before pulling the bones out of the jellied stock and trimming the meat for dicing. The sauce was prepped and stuffing/tieing up was done the day before to let the flavors meld. I sweated onion, carrot, garlic in the fat from a 1/4 lb of diced pancetta which was removed for the stuffing, added stock, 2 cups good red wine and bouquet of bay leaf, sage, oregano,thyme, s/p and rosemary (all fresh), a dozen roma tomatoes roughly chopped and simmered a few hours. I decided to toss in the extra stuffing we couldn't fit and it surely added to the flavor and texture of the sauce. Stuffing was the pancetta, diced lamb, sweated onion, bread crumbs to texture and 2 eggs with fresh parsley and fresh rosemary/garlic chop. It needed two to tie up as he said. My smoker is a side box unit but temp/time roughly the same, end temp is how you want it, I wouldn't go past medium rare at 145 f. I left the sauce a bit soupy since he said it got reduced a bit too much. I put it in a throw away aluminum roasting tub under the meat for the whole time. It smelled divine when it came out and we had enough for pasta later after the meal.

To die for is the result. Thanks again for a classic Moikel. You Aussies got it down!

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Very kind of you Rick but it was a pretty good recipe to start with. I like the way you tweaked it as well. Red sauce is a killer the next day over some rigatoni. Lamb stock a big help lets face it what else was I  going to do with 1 shank & 2 dogs biggrin.gif

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That looks awesome.  Great job. 

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