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FIrst Brats and Breakfast on New LEM

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Been a busy weekend. New 5lb LEM arrived! Wife said we need to clean out the freezer, what a coincidence.icon_eek.gif Found a couple of pork buts, so here we go, 10 lb brats and 5 lbs breakfast sausage.




Sorry for the crappy cell phone pics.


Shooters attitude brats

10 lbs worth






Found this and it looked interesting so I ordered a pound, lets try it out in 5 lbs.






I love this stuffer!


brat pics are too blurry, here is the breakfast, Ryteks recipe.

Used sheep casings on these, little bit of a challenge. It was a last minute deal so I got the casings at Cabela's, never used sheep before so I don't know if it just the casings or if that is just the way it is. got through it though. Used hog guts on the brats from Butcher & Packer, they worked great.







brats turned out excellent. to me the lava jack ain't all that but i left it as is to see what others thought. so far everyone likes them and says they are spicy but not overly so.

Better pics in the futureBottom.gif


Local IGA put bulk ground beef on sale this week $2.59 lb, got about 30 lb, stix and summer sausage to follow.


Wifes sister and her husband have a pipeline company in North Dakota and for better productivity they feed their guys lunch on the lines. She wants me to make her some brats now, about 300 of them. icon_eek.gif I tell the wife thats about 75 lbs  worth, a bit of a stretch grinding with the KA. So she says we'll just have to get you a new grinder. Who am I to argue icon_mrgreen.gif. So we go to cabela's and I am trying to decide on a grinder, more than 1/2 hp? do I need 1 hp? and she says "just get the 1 hp and you won't have to worry about it" I love that woman.




Bring on them pork buts! sausage.gif

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Nice job on the links! Everything looks great!

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Looks like a great success 

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Your wife has an attitude......LOVE IT! Grind on.

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Great new equipment! have fun and lots of q view.

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Awesome! Gotta love new toys, especially ones that could chew up an entire horse leg at once! 1hp is a biggen!
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