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Charcoal & Electric Smoker

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Hi All I have an Master Forge Electric verical smoker..I've used it a few times with good results.

I'm just wondering IF I placed some pieces (2)of charcoal in smoker would I get the red/pink smoke ring?


Thanks Dan

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Dan, morning.....  I have an electric also... I don't worry about the smoke ring so I don't know much that would help you out....  Try it and give a report back about flavor, color etc.....  take pics....  Dave

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That Charcoal thing has been reported to work. I never worried about it because I have both Electric and Charcoal Smokers and there is no difference in taste...It's all AWESOME!...JJ

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Back when I was still using my MES I would sort thru a bag of Royal Oak lump and pull out the long skinny peices and put them in the wood chute. It did seem to make a little better smoke ring.

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When I first started with my MES, I knew going in from reading/research, that electrics do not produce a smoke ring.  There was a lot of discussion on this electric forum about trying to produce that smoke ring.  I tried the charcoal in the tray, but had mixed results.  Since everyone agrees that the flavor is still there and the Q produced from an MES smoker rivals that produced by any quality smoker, I decided the effort to try and get a smoke ring wasn't worth it.  The only place a smoke ring matters is in competition Q, since electric smokers are not allowed in smoking Q competitions, there is no point in trying to get a smoke ring from an electric smoker.

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