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First Smoke and One Beautiful Bird QView

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I just got done with my first smoke...and I've got pics.


Last night my mother was defrosting an oven stuffer roaster and I claimed it as my own. I nurtured it throughout the night with cold water soaks so I could thaw it from the frozen solid state it had been in. At about 10am this morning, I gave it a rub down with an impromptu rub I threw together (sugar, salt, black pepper, chili powder, paprika, and thyme), under and over the skin. Around 11:30, I started up the smoker (MES 30 w/remote),set it at 275F, put in the bird. I filled the water tray half way with apple juice and tossed a handful of applewood chips into the chip tray. I went to work. I came home at 3:15, I could smell it cooking out front when I got out of my truck. Mmmm. The meat probe read 197F and the button was popped on the bird. I was all ready to fire up the grill to finish the skin, but I checked and lo and behold, the skin was crisp! I have the chicken resting in an aluminum foil tent for dinner. But I did get a little taste when some meat pulled off when I was transferring it from the smoker to the tray and, oh yeah, probably the best chicken I have had. Juicy and tender and so full of flavor.


Now for the pics.







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I may just have to run one up that high and see if it's as good as you say, since I usually pull mine at lower temps and then get the "not so crisp skin".  Thanks for the post.

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Wow that is a high IT for sure but is sure looks good from here 

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I didn't plan on it getting that high but I wasn't around to keep tabs.

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Does look good.

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Ok, the chicken tasted awesome (though I'm going to either lay off the thyme or just not use it next time--stuff can overpower easily) but the skin ended up softening. It had been tented for about an hour or so and I think that was the cause--too much moisture accumulated while it was covered. So next time I'm going to time it a little better (I really was expecting this to be a close to 4 hour job) and let it rest without foiling.

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Looks good !!
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Looks great,, will have to try that as skin is always rubbery when I do full birds.  And just a little side comment,, dang that is one clean smoker :)

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Did you find the bird to be overcooked. A bird is ready at 165 degrees. Personally, I let mine cook to 180. At 197 degrees, I would think the meat would be flavorless.

I'm not criticizing, rather curious.


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