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The Spice Bible

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There is a great book called the Spice Bible.  You will love it.  It gives you spice blend recipes from all over the world.   Some exotic blends can cost you up to $14.50 for 4 ounces when you can make it your self  for $4.50 a pound.  Also there is a great site I go to, to buy spices wholesale.  You can get a pound of mustard seeds for $2.50 a pound.  It is called the  No frills but cheap prices and very fresh.

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Is this the one you are talking about? 

The Spice Bible: Essential Information and More Than 250 Recipes Using Spices, Spice Mixes, and Spice Pastes [Book]


I have heard some good things about it. I also read that the recipes are sometime vague like "small red chili's" without being specific. Since you have the book are you finding any of this ?

Thanks for the link too  

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I have the book and I love it!!!  I have tried alot of new recipes that I never would have.  As far as vague descriptions I figure your going to grind it all up any way and red chili peppers are red chili peppers.  What I really liked that I learned is that in the Middle East they put the spices seeds in a dry pan and heat for a minutes to toast it releases the oils and adds a toasty flavor to the spice.  Some spices I had to find alternatives.

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How do I delete my account here?


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Originally Posted by Smokin Vegas View Post

How do I delete my account here?


why you wan do that ?

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Smokin Vegas, Where are you going ????

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Don't you go and leave now! I was just getting to know you!! You have sent me some of the best spice blends I've ever used and opened a whole new door for me and I haven't even tried your pastrami kit yet!! 

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What I do when the spice is vague or I am not familiar with a spice I do a search on yahoo for that spice or for a substitute.  I would not advise it on goggle right now because someone has linked a virus called happilli to their search bar. 

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Why are you leaving? 

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