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prime rib & twice baked potatoes

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It's been too long so I thought I should do something nice,enjoy!


simple rub


all ready to go icon_biggrin.gif Finished the potatoes in the smoker for the last hour' egg,s for about 10min. prime rib pulled at 145007.JPG



the plate. thanks for lookingbiggrin.gif

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Looks like a tasty meal from here. I would love a plate of that  

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That looks like a mighty fine meal. Thanks for sharing
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Stupendous! Looks-Great.gif

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Now that looks absolutely great. drool.gif
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looks fantastic

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Yep I will be over. 

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That is a nice plate.  I LOVE Prime Rib off the smoker!

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Looks great! never did prime rib before, will have to give it a shot.

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Gotta do a prime rib on the smoker, it looks great.  thumb1.gif

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