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UDS for Dirt!

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I thought I would post a pic of the UDS I built for a friend as payment

for 3 dumptruck loads of dirt for my yard.




I also gave her a Maverick ET-732 and a small box of wood to get her started.

I LOVE the barter system!



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Great looking UDS! The barter system really is a great way to do business but I know your friend got the better part of the deal! There is no way the dirt looked asgood as that UDS!

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Wow, that is sweet! That is a PDS - Pretty Drum Smoker.

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Looks the paint job

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I have to say Ugly never got near that one.

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What are you using for the lid?

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That a great looking smoker
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I was wondering where you've been. Must have been busy building that beautiful UDS instead of wasting time in front of the computer.

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That really came out nice - Bartering is so much fun 

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Thanks everyone!  It did turn out sweet lookin! The top is actually the bottom of a weber knockoff grill....a charbroil i think.

Yes I have been pretty busy ....usually check out the boards late at night. Now I gotta build another one for a wedding present....

whats the chances the smoker will outlast the marrige???



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Great looking UDS.
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