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First ever smoke

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Took the Master Forge out for it's (and my) first ever smoke last Sunday. Did up a whole chicken and while I was at it decided to try a Fattie too. Brined the chicken in the Slaughterhouse brine and decided on a Pizza Fattie. Smoked with Maple in the AMNPS (first run with the AMNPS too). Had a little trouble keeping the temp steady (sand in the water tray) and will have to figure out a place to locate the AMNPS when I use it instead of wood....I thought it would be ok in the wood tray but it must be to hot there as the pellets went to fast. Over all it went very well for my first time and the chicken was super moist and full of flavor GREAT SMOKE FLAVOR!!!! Here are some pics.P1010020.JPGP1010022.JPGP1010024.JPGP1010026.JPGP1010029.JPGP1010031.JPGP1010033.JPG

Can ya see that Thin Blue Smoke coning from the MF?

I was really please with this whole smoke and look forward to many many more!!!!!

Thanks for lookin!!!


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Great lookin chow! Now I hungry again

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Looks great!  Going to wrap the next fattie trying your hand at a bacon weave?  You're gonna like your smoking, believe me!

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Good job, looks like your off to a great start!

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Congrats on a great first run 

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That's a juicy looking breast! Mmmmmmmmmmmm

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Thanks Guys.......It was really good.....I think it was even better the next day !!!!

I owe alot of the success with this to all the GREAT advice I have gotten from everyone here at SMF.

Thank you all !!!!!!!


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