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First Smoke on my 22" WSM....Overnight!

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Last night I did a couple of Boston Butts on my Craiglist Score.  Started about 6:30pm, put Butts on at 7:30pm and this morning at around 7:30am they were at 200 and pulled.  They are sitting in a cooler resting now.  I have to say I am very impressed with the lack of attention the WSM needs; I was not disappointed!  I did use water in the pan as this was my first smoke in it, next time I think I will use sand,a clay saucer or something.  I was able to catch the temp on the way up easily, using minion method.  I have done a quite a few cooks using the smokenator in my weber kettle; so it was very nice not having to tend things every hour to hour and  half.    I also used my Maverick ET-732 with the alarms set in case something went wrong; but it went good so far.  I am going to use SoFlaQuer finishing sauce.  I will add pics of the done product!  






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Looks great! Nice job

Have fun and happy smoking
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Oh man those look good. Lets see some pull pics!!

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it is a great smoke

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Looks great........................icon14.gif



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Turned out awesome!  Beat my own expectations!




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I absolutly love my WSM's and you will to, SoFlaQuer's finishing sauce is the bomb, i have smoked pulled pork for a coulple hundred a few times with the hog roaster and people just rave about how great the pork is, great looking shoulder ya got there, enjoy your new smoker!

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Looks GREAT!!!!

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I concur with iloveribs: I love the WSM for holding temps and LONG cooks.  I have never been let down.

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Great looking butts! You're right on with SoFlaQuer's finishing sauce. I use it on every butt I smoke. I truly believe it brings out the best in the pork. Enjoy!

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Congrats - looks like a great smoke 

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