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Oak or Red Oak

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Has anybody smoked any meat using red oak?I have used oak but never red oak.,i was just wanted to now if red oak gave  meat a good smoke flavor?

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Red Oak is a great smoking wood.

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X2 on the red oak.  Great smoking wood especially for beef.

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Which red oak are you asking about? There are 3 different oaks that go by that name- Northern Red Oak, Southern Red Oak and the red oak used in Santa Maria style BBQ whose proper name is Coast Live Oak.

I will not use Northern Red Oak for anything but grilling but others do, just make certain that it is well seasoned, if not it gives off a nasty odor when burned.

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As previously stated, if you are looking for that Santa Maria flavor on a tri tip?


What they call red oak is different from other parts of the country.


Having said that, I have had good luck with oak, pecan, and the old standby hickory for tri tips.


Good luck and good smoking.

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