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Smoking for my Bday - Qview

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I'm going to smoking pork butt, brisket, ribs, and abts for my birthday party this weekend. Hopefully it all turns out ok. I accidentally bought the boneless pork butts at costco but i will make the best of it; if anyone has suggestion on dealing with the boneless butt, i will be happy to read those. I put my rub on the pork butt and brisket this morning because i will be doing an overnight smoke.  Wish me luck; i will be posting pictures of my progress.

Here is the 16lbs of boneless pork butt



Here is the brisket



Pork butt and brisket


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Happy Birthday, sounds like it will be a good time. I have cooked a couple of boneless butts. Mine were kind of falling apart before I put them on the smoker so I got some butcher twine and tied them up to keep them from falling apart. I just went to the meat department in the grocery store and asked for some and the butcher gave it to me.

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Happy Birthday. yahoo.gif
Sound like its going to be a full smoker!
keep the Q-views coming.
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Happy birthday nevrendin! The butts and brisket look good.  Would you mind updating your profile with your location. Thanks.

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this one is going to take a large popcorn



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Boneless butts in my opinion takes a little longer to smoke weight for weight than a bone in. I think that the bone conducts heat to the interior of the butt and allows it to cook from the inside out as well as from the outside in.  Since your cooking a brisket anyway, the time difference won't matter since the brisket will take the longest time.


Happy Birthday and enjoy the smoke.

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Alright here are some more pictures, 


Jalapeño Cream cheese stuffed chicken then wrapped in bacon



Making ABTs with chorizo, cheddar, cream cheese.







My Smokers


Monitoring from indoors


Pork before the foil.


The finished product.



I would have taken more pictures but as guest were showing up i was trying to hurry up to feed them.  Thanks for looking.

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looks great 


what was that extra rub you put on the ribs, when you first put them on the grill ?

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Looks like it turn out great for you !!!!!!!!!
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Wish I would have gotten an invite to that party.  Looks great, and lots of food!

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Looks good!

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Looks like a heck of a birthday

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Dang! nevrendin, that is a bunch of good looking food. drool.gif How did the chicken turn out?

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BigBlue - that was just regular brown sugar.


JohnnieWalker - The chicken was really good, next time i'm going to use the whole jalapeño. This time i took out the seeds and viens.  I was looking for a bit more of a kick.


Everyone - thanks again for looking.

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