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UDS question

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So one of my scouts told me the other day he can source a barrel for $15.  At that price, I figure I might as well go ahead and build a UDS.  Why not, right?  


But then he tells me that the barrels were originally used to store thinner.  I don't know what kind of thinner, but it's probably some petroleum-based chemical, and is not exactly food safe.  So I'm wondering if you can decontaminate a barrel that's been used to store non-food chemicals by a simple burn out and thorough scrubbing of the interior after the burn?  And if that idea won't do it, is there a safe way to decontaminate old chemical storing barrels?  


I'm sure this question has been answered before, but I didn't find a thread addressing it directly.  So my apologies if I've started a thread on a subject that has been beat to death.

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First off, is the barrel lined or bare?

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No clue.  How would I figure that out?  


-Keep in mind that I know what a 55 gallon drum is, and that's about it.

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