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best ever catch

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my buddy and i caught 102 whiting monday and tuesday caught 125 whiting (sea mullet). best ever catch.

charles t.

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So how are you going to cook them?

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fried mostly,never smoked whiting ,its a mild fish and may not smoke well.might give it a try,might be missing out on good eats.

charles t.

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I'd try smoking might make good fish spread!

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Definetly smoke it for fish dip. Whiting makes good dip. Its a lot of work but what else ya gona do with 200+ whiting and a 12 pack? I just posted my recipie for fish dip under "roll call" titled "complete newbie" sorry I would copy and paste but I'm working with my phone instead of a puter and not sure how to do that
Sounds like a good day of fishinThumbs Up
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