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Just Scored

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So I was in a deli I frequent & while waiting I was looking at there slicer. I asked them how they liked their Globe slicer. They replied with love it why? I said I had been looking at slicers & was just wondering what they thought of theirs? Then they menttioned they had another they were looking to sell. I immediatley asked how much? $200 for a Globe commercial slicer!! Are you kidding!! So here it is!!


photo 20.JPG



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That is an awesome find Terry. Congrats

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what a deal... you practically stole it from them.... awesome score



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Oh man. That is sweet.

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Wow! That is a Score!




post #7 of 14 practically robbed them!

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You know the only thing missing on that slicer is a big hunk of meat!

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Nice score.


I sold my globe slicer, It was cast iron and weighed a ton.

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Thanks guys!!  I got it all cleaned up last night. I'm going to hopefully get the sharpener down today. Then I will be smoking my first sirloin tip to slice up for roast beef.

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Good job on the slicer.  Careful on the sharpener though!  I had one long ago and the sharpener wobbled and nicked the blade in a couple of places.  Had to get a new blade, and they were hard to come by, and they were proud of them too.

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nice score terry!

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