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amns or amnps?

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Hi everyone im a new guy. i own an old Big Chief but dont use it much. i just purchased a mes 30 from amazon and was looking at one of the amazen products but dont know which one to get? any help? is ther any discount codes available for these products? first smoke will probally be beer can chicken i cant wait.
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Hello Sip 

Please stop by Roll Call and introduce yourself so we can give you a warm SMF welcome.Would you also please update your profile to include your location.


Now for your AMNS AMNPS question. In the MES you can burn both dust and pellets. My suggestion is purchase the AMNPS because it can burn both dust and pellets.  Todd is a member here and his customer support is beyond amazing 



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Well after all the posts and other threads regarding the ANMPS it went and ordered one today. Quick shipping too.... les than two hours after I ordered it I got an email that it was on its WAY!!!!


I went with the pellet smoker as I have a bag of pecan pellets and it syas you can also use th dust. I'm excited to get it smokin!!!!

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You're in luck.  The price dropped from when I purchased mine.  Great product, easy to use, and efficient.  Good luck with it.

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thanks for everyones opinion
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It really depends on what you're planning on smoking.....

If all you want to do is "Cold Smoke", the 6x6 is plenty big for a Big Chief


All you have to do is lift the door a little to get some additional draft.





No Creosote! A-Maze-N Smokers

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i ordered the amnps yesterday. i will be using it in a new mes 30 that is being shipped from amazon. thanks for everyones help.
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