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First Chuckies

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I love pot roast and after reading about chuckies on here I thought "that has to be good". So Saturday I smoked a couple of them. Picked up 2 about 3# each on sale. Rubbed them down with Thick Lea&Perrins and some Monteal Steak Seasoning then wrapped them up and into the fridge Friday night.


Sorry I only got a pic of one but they were basically twins:




Saturday morning ready for the smoker set at 225* with a couple of chunks of hickory:



After 3 hours I started checking temps and was getting from 140* to 155* at different places so I let them go awhile longer. Pulled them at 5 1/2 hours, still had one spot at only about 145* but other places around 170*. Here they are ready for foil:



I had mixed up 1/3 cup Stubbs Moppin Sauce and 1/3 cup apple juice and poured half on each and foiled them and back on the smoker. About 2 more hours and the cold spot was up to 200* so in the cooler they went with a blanky for a good hour nap. Here they are out of the foil and all the juice I saved in a pan:



They pulled very easily and were very moist and tender:



I poured the juice in a glass measuring cup and put it in the fridge overnight. Sunday I took the fat cap off of it and it was fantastic. I don't know what to call it, BBQ sauce? finishing sauce? AuJus? I don't know but I love it. 


While the Chuckies were in the foil stage I threw in some chicken breasts I had cut up and wrapped in bacon for desert:



I will definitely be smoking Chuckies again. Thanks to everyone at SMF for introducing me to these, don't think I would thought of this on my own.


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Looks great. Nice job on your first chuckies.
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MMmmmmmmm!!!!! Looks great !!!



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I agree they look great, got to love a chuckie mmmmmm


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Wow those are great looking Chuckies


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I could eat that!


Chuckies can be tricky, and it looks like you hit them right on?


Good luck and good smoking.

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Good Job!...JJ

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Man this looks great

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Great Job!  Thanks for the Qview.

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Man! That looks great!!

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Some outstanding looking chuckies!!! Great job!

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