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Where to start

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I want to try to grow some peppers this year but don't know where to start. I have very little gardening experience but think it is a cool project for me and the misses. Was thinking a few plants that can be substained in a 5 gallon pot. Jalapeno's a must maybe some Habaneros as well. What are you guys thinking would be a good place to start.
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I like to start with small plants from the local Co-Op.
Seeds take to long for me.

Japs will make all year, the older the plant, the hotter the peppers.

Jerry has lots of experience, maybe he will chime in.
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Ecto, morning.... Here is an idea for you.....  Portable, reusable, self watering small garden space....  This may work for a scout project for the kids too...  Dave

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Great site, using this you can get onto your deck and away from the critters which always help themselves the day before you want to pick.


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I cut a inch out of the middle of a few 2 liter coke bottles and starting my seeds in them just tape the tops back don't have to mess with it this way because the condesation helps with watering.
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It's a little late in the year to start from seed now because by the time they get big enough to produce pods the season will be almost over.  I would suggest trying to find a few plants already grown around 6-12" and for simplicity pickup an earth box or do like I do and just make your own. 


The earth box will say you can grow 6 plants, but peppers like and NEED a lot of space so I would limit the amount of plants to 2.  You will end up with a lot more peppers from 2 big plants then 6 tiny over crowded plants that are fighting each other for space.  I personally grow 2 plants in a 30 gallon home made type of earth box and believe it or not I could harvest almost 1lb of peppers each week during the peek summer.  I actually got more peppers from those 2 plants then I did from 10 plants each in their own 5 gallon container and it was a LOT easier to do. 

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