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14 gauge thick enough?

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I have an 1/8th inch fire box built and wondering if 14 gauge steel is thick enough to build a smoke chamber out of

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Why so thin?

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Price of the steel. I could probably go as thick as 12 gauge. Would there be a real difference in heat loss from the two? I tried making a 55 gallon drum smoker and it doesn't like to hold heat at all cause I thought I was getting an 18 but ended up with a 20 gauge barrel.
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Tango, morning.....  Heat retention, in the form of thermal mass, is the primary reason for using thicker material..... Corrosion from salts and burn through from heat are also something to think about.....  I would use at least 3/16" for the cooking chamber and line the fire box with 1" fire brick splits.....   The 1/8" fire box won't last very long with fire against it.... The fire brick will hold a more consistent heat..... and provide a lot of thermal mass and provide longevity to your build.....  There's $0.02 thrown into the ring.....   Dave

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I agree with Dave. Another option is insulating and then use thin sheetmetal for the outside covering.

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Thank you all for your help, unfortunately I already built the fb so that will have to do for now but I will defiantly pay the extra and go thicker for the smoke chamber

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14g is only .075 thick. That is entirely too thin I would think. I don't think it would have the structural integrity to hold a lot of weight. (ie. Lots O meat) I wouldn't go less than an 1/8".

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Ok so I'm going with the 1/8 inch for the chamber. Should I do direct fb attachment to the bottom or drop it down 8-12 inches and run stove pipe insulated?
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Directly attached.

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Ok sounds easier to manage. A few more questions for the build, should the fb top hole be round or square or doesn't matter and how big of a hole, the fb is 18 inch square. And how big of a gap should I have at the ends of the baffle plate, I was thinking 2 inches on both sides. And last how big of a exhaust pipe would be best 3 to 4 inch or bigger? The placement should be below the food grates in the center I believe.

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Any suggestions?
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timplate bbq form square fb.xls 20k .xls file


Here is a calculator to determine pit, firebox and exhaust pipe size. Good luck.

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Thank you all for the help, photos are on the way on what I have done so far

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I have a picture up on the work i've done so far. Now i have a solid baffle to cover the hole from the fb. how high off the hole should i go? I was thinking 2 inches. would that be to little or to much?

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