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Porterhouse Steaks & a Pizza

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Round 2 on the Weber.  We had 3 16 oz Select Porterhouse. I had all of the vents open this time along with a full chimney starter and it made the grill much hotter.  Once again seasoned with Montreal steak seasoning.  
Along with the steaks, we did a gluten free cheese pizza.  The pizza came out good, but the crust was a bit soggy.  I was indirectly grilling the pizza so next time I will put it over the coals and try to crisp up the crust a bit.









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Looks great. When I do pizzas on my weber I use a stone works great.

Have fun and Happy smoking
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Thanks tyotrain.


Do you preheat the stone and then put the pizza on indirectly?

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I went and bought 4- 6X6 Quarry Tiles from HD, I heat them on a Weber over the Charcoal. Slide the Pizza on, cover the Grill and in about 10 minutes you have great crispy Pizza...JJ

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Heck with the Pizza,  the steaks look great! 

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Mamma mia this looks yummy 

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Porterhouse Steak with a perfect char and grill marks.  A better presentation could not be offered.  I'm sure it was tasty.  Bravo.

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Thanks guys.  The steaks were good.  

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Looks delish. Love a good porterhouse. Pizza looks mighty tasty too. I use a pizza stone in the grill. I preheat the grill with the stone in it to about 550ºF and cook them about 3-4 minutes.

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That all looks good. 

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