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Steaks on the grill

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I bought a classic 22" Weber charcoal grill off of craigslist during the winter.  With the nice weather we are having in Michigan, I fired it up for the first time yesterday.  I've never grilled over charcoal before, but it is something I will be doing again for sure.   The steaks were delicious.  


The grill wasn't as hot as I would like it to be, so next time I will open up more air vents and see how it goes.


We had a 16oz CC Choice NY Strip and a 24oz Choice Porterhouse seasoned with Montreal steak seasoning.  








Overall I liked the whole charcoal experience.

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Steaks look great!

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man o man them look real good.. Nice job

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Looks good. I am going try steak on mine today if the rain holds out. It will be the first time for steak on it for me.


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Great looking steaks Looks-Great.gif

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Thanks guys.

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Nice job!

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looks yummy and juicy

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Thats some nice stakes you're havin' :)


Ever tried to marinate it for a week in a mixture of sunflower oil, added sage leaves, juniper berries and some salt. It has to be totally covered. It is even better if it starts to turn a little bit grayish, before grilling it.


I just got this tip yestarday, haven't tried it yet thou.


Will try it and let you know how it turned out.

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I'm in the mood for steak, simply because I saw yours, Funny but when I saw yours, I'm in the mood for steak! LOL

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