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DON'T HATE ME BUT I HAVE NO ACCESS TO PICS FOR EVERYBODY TO SEE.  I have been smoking an 8lbs butt since 11:10 this morning cst and hit the stall about 3pm at 165 F  It's been almost 3 hrs  and still at 165 F but the meat is tender as it can be (as if it is done in less than 8 hrs and i anticipated at least 12 hrs of grill time)  I have taste tested and honestly believe i could take it off and pull it now.  Should I let it go up to 200 F as recommended for pulled pork or would it hurt  to take it off now. By then it should just drop off the bone . What do i do????



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Leave it alone, step away from the smoker. Lol lit get to at least 200
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your at slicing temps but not pulling temps.  I know it is hard but it is worth the wait.  Have a drink and it will pass :)

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leave it be... 205-210 for me... It will not pull apart at 165... If you wanna push it threw the stall... wrap it in foil and let it go until 205-210 and then cooler it for AT LEAST 1 hr....
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That was the hardest thing for me to just be patient and trust it and leave it alone....since I've leaned that things have turned out much better.

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I must confess i got a little impatient and started eating on it when i would add charcoal or chips to the fire havent eaten all day but i am staying with it til i get a sandwich tonight. Thank you all for your advice i knew i could count on you all.  you all are awesome



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If your temps are correct, you have hit the stall or the "plateau" exactly where mine usually do.


It is time to make a beer run.


Be patient and you will be rewarded!


Good luck and good smoking.

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Yup! Wait it out. It will start to rise in temp and then it should hit the magic temperature of 205°....I did one last Saturday and same thing...the stall...It's time to have another cold one...grilling_smilie.gif

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Smoking a 4.5 pounder right now...exact same thing.  Threw it on at 9am and is stuck at 160, going on 2 1/2 hours now...just opened another beer and turned on some tv.  Just have my trusty Maverick next to me and will give it a gander every once in a 7pm, we should be in pulled pork heaven!!!


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Remember "if you're looking, you're not cooking".


The thing I lack is patience. 102.gif    I have to force myself to move away and not open the smoker, but I agree the rewards are worth the wait!

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